What does my ticket cover?

A fair bit.

Brief list; boat, oars, lifejacket, safety teams, staff to get you on and off the water, sunscreen, live music, permits, water (bring a bottle), great views of inner city Melbourne and a trip down the river with 1000+ other paddlers.

You can do your own inflatable trip on the Yarra any day of the year.

That’s how Inflatable Regatta started, then we realised that people much prefer the equipment and services were organised for them.

So you can turn up in a summer outfit with your ticket and have a day on the river then relax at the finishing area.

What’s not included are drinks at the bar and lunch from the food trucks.

What is the weight limit for boats?

Total weight limit for each boat is 180kgs.

Up to two people per boat. Rowing in pairs is highly recommended.

Are there age restrictions?

If you’re 8 years or older, welcome aboard! If under 18 you need a two person boat with someone over 18.

Apologies if you’re under 8. We asked our insurers about you but they said no.

How much does it cost?

$65 + Booking fee – single ride
$120 + Booking Fee – double ride

Does the event cater to my accessibility requirements?

Any patrons with accessibility requirements please email hi@inflatableregatta.com with further information on your individual needs.

Where does the float end?

Scotsburn Street Reserve
6 Scotsburn Street, Hawthorn 3122

What’s at the end? Can friends meet me there?

Food trucks, a bar and music. Get all your friends to come down. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun.

Can I get out along the way?

There aren’t any comfortable places to get out until you get to the end. If you really need to, yes you can of course, let one of the rescue boat people know so we can tick you off the list.

What if I fall in?!

You’ll be fine. Safety boats will be there to fish you out. Don’t swallow the water. It’s not great to drink. If you do, let one of the event staff know. It’s pretty tough to fall in.

How long does it take?

About 2 hours to travel 2 kms down the river.
That’s if you’re paddling every now and again. Many have done it faster.
The river tides times can certainly help or hinder your progress. Don’t let the challenge deter you!  We have safety vessels on hand ready to assist whenever you need.

Are dogs permitted?

Dogs are permitted at the start and finish lines, however not in the boats.