They’re our number one sponsor who do great work for everything water in our city.

Our major partner who manages all parts of Melbourne’s water cycle that are essential to our way of life today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

In Melbourne, water is essential to our way of life.

But the impacts of climate change bring hotter and drier weather, more severe bushfires and unpredictable storms and floods, less rainfall over time, and, of course, the possibility of another drought. By 2030 over 6 million Melburnians will need water every day.

We are in the decade that matters when the actions we take now will define our future. That’s why at Melbourne Water, we are taking action to manage and protect the resources essential to our way of life.

From providing clean drinking water, treating sewage so we can recover and re-use our valued resources, planning to manage flooding, and keeping all 25,000km of Melbourne’s rivers, creeks and catchments healthy, we care for, manage and protect all parts of the water cycle for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Everyday Cancer Council is working hard for the more than 260,000 Victorians living with cancer and their loved ones.

Since 1936 we have developed an international reputation for our innovative work in cancer research, prevention and support.   

We play a leading role in reducing the impact of all cancers on all people. We work towards our mission to prevent cancer, empower people and save lives by:  

  • Empowering people with cancer by providing equitable access to trusted information, high quality supportive care programs and optimal care to people affected by cancer and their loved ones.  
  • Collaborating with partners in Australia and across the world to influence policy change and reduce system inequities.  
  • Increasing participation in cancer prevention, screening and immunisation programs to prevent cancer and increase early detection.  
  • Discover new prevention, detection, treatment and support opportunities to improve cancer outcomes and save lives through conducting and funding high-quality cancer research.  

To protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries, from source to mouth, for current and future generations.


  • to be an effective, independent public advocate for the Yarra River
    and its tributaries
  • to provide a unified voice, representative of the community, in relation to whole-of-river issues
  • to identify, create and implement initiatives that will protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries
  • to build and foster relationships with all stakeholders
  • to ensure integrated management founded upon stewardship
  • to build and make publicly accessible knowledge relating to the Yarra catchment
  • to celebrate the ecological and social value of the Yarra River and its tributaries
  • to establish a realistic funding base that can support projected activities.

Carman’s is passionate about creating delight every day. This means everything we do flows from that – how we source our ingredients, care for our customers and suppliers and how we approach every element of our business.

This means being brave and doing things a little differently but always with an uncompromising commitment to quality. It’s about doing what we believe in; being proudly Australian owned and making a difference in people’s lives.

It’s about putting our passion for food first, because it’s what we love.